Survivors of Torture

Are you a Survivor of Torture?

Survivors of Torture are often, if not always, traumatised as a result of their experience. This trauma can manifest itself in various ways leaving the person experiencing some or all of the following sypmtoms: flashbacks, anxiety, nightmares, depression, memory loss, feelings of isolation and hopelessness, loss of libido, loss of meaning, or loss of appetite.

If you have experienced torture and feel it is having an impact on your mental or physical health, your family or social life, or your spirituality, Spirasi is here to help.


Spirasi provides a compassionate and safe environment for you to seek help.

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Attending Spirasi’s Clinical Services

There are 2 main ways of being referred into Spirasi:

  1. For an Initial Assessment: you must ask your G.P. (your doctor) to make the referral to us on your behalf. The Initial Assessment involves being assessed by three different clinicians – a doctor, a psychotherapist and a psychosocial officer. You will then be offered a personal care plan to suit your needs. 
  2. For a Medico-Legal Assessment: in order to obtain a Medico Legal Report, you must ask your solicitor to make a referral for you.


If you do not speak English, we will provide you with a professional interpreter.


Spirasi Client Services

  1. Psychotherapeutic Support – individual, group, family and complementary therapy
  2. Psychosocial Support – including integration, education and outreach
  3. Medical assessment – including recommendations to your GP for further medical referrals 


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