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Roselin, a survivor, shares her experience of the pandemic and what has helped her to keep going.

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The epidemic made things so difficult for me in particular. Being with other people gives me hope but Covid prevented this. I was encouraged to join the healthcare sector (for employment) because being with other people would make me happy and also it would make other people happy. Working through the pandemic gives me courage.

When I went to Spirasi I was really made to feel welcome. Spirasi teachers were very nice and encouraged me to keep going. I am blessed to be alive. God has a reason to keep me alive. I am so happy. I appreciate everything that Spirasi has done for me. My life would have been more horrible if I didn’t have people from Spirasi around me.

I am a survivor. What makes me strong are the people I have met in Ireland. Almost everyone I have encountered here in Ireland has been like a brother or sister to me. They have all been so kind to me in every part of my life. They made me understand that there is hope. They encourage me, they help me, they support me financially, spirituality and in every other way possible. That is what is giving me hope. There are so many people out there who have made me realise that I am not alone. There are other people going through the same things as I am here in Ireland. If those people can survive, then it proves that I can survive too.

My appreciation goes to all the Spirasi team for their good support to us asylum seekers. God almighty bless you all abundantly. Roselin.