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On Saturday 14th May, 6 befriending pairs joined community artists, Laragh Pitman and Manar Shouha, in Trinity College for a thoroughly enjoyable and fun experience creating collage portraits of each other.  This was the final part of the IRC funded collaborative research project between Trinity College/Spirasi led by Dr Rachel Hoare.




Earlier this year we announced that Trinity College/Spirasi were one of the recipients of a New Foundations award to explore the experiences of those who had engaged with Spirasi’s befriending service.

Creative research practices were used including interviews and focus groups (in-person and online) culminating in a highly enjoyable creative arts workshop in Trinity last weekend.  The workshop explored the theme of ‘what befriending means to me’.

We sincerely thank our client/befriendees and volunteer/befrienders who took part in the research over the last number of months.  Special thanks to Dr Rachel Hoare (Trinity College) and her research assistant Arudhra Krishnaswamy for their leadership and expertise in this collaborative project.

We look forward to the launch of the interim report on Saturday 25th June in the Long Room in Trinity College.