Spirasi Meet The Team

Angus O'Riordan - ESOL Tutor and Psychosocial Officer


Short Bio

My name is Angus O’ Riordan and I am an ESOL tutor and Psychosocial Officer at Spirasi. I’ve worked at Spirasi since 2006. I also teach ESOL literacy at the Dublin Adult Learning Centre, and until recently worked for the past 12 years with unaccompanied minors on the Migrant Access Programme. I have a BA in Philosophy, and an MA in Ethnomusicology and an MA in Development Studies.




Fun Fact

I play the drums.


What attracted you to your role at Spirasi?

A former colleague, Grainne Stafford, encouraged me to join the education team at Spirasi back in 2006. I was immediately drawn to working with such a diverse range of learner, each with their own unique story. Through my interaction with the learners and the clients, and playing my part in Spirasi’s holistic approach to rehabilitation, I am continually encouraged to remain dedicated and wholly committed to what is a fantastic organisation.


What are the challenges and rewards of your job?

Working with such a diverse range of learners, both educationally and culturally, can prove quite challenging. Thankfully over the years, through an inclusive and learner-centred approach, we have managed to nurture a learning environment which favours participation and engagement for all.

The multiplicity of issues which can arise through Psychosocial work can be demanding and occasionally overwhelming. However, working closely as a team, and linking in with other organisations and support services nationally, there is often a solution to be found, and it is most rewarding to be able to offer a client practical advice and concrete options at their time of need.