Spirasi Meet The Team

Deirdre Markey- Befriending Officer


Short Bio

Hi, I’m Deirdre.  I’m the Befriending Officer.   I joined Spirasi in February 2017 to lead a new and innovative volunteer-involving programme to support our service users.  In keeping with our ethos of holistic rehabilitation, the programme supports and nurtures the social bonds that are so vital in helping our service users integrate in their new local community.


Fun Fact

I’ve run two marathons (slowly but enjoyably)!


What attracted you to your role at Spirasi?

I’m a qualified accountant and spent over 16 years working (enjoyably!) at a senior finance level in the private sector.  A subsequent return to study prompted a change in direction and ignited a strong interest in human rights.  This has led me to working (also enjoyably!) in the third sector allowing me to draw on all my skills and experience.


What are the challenges and rewards of your job?

Probably the greatest challenge is always feeling there is more that can/should be done with the twin challenge of being constrained by lack of resource, be it human or financial.

The greatest reward lies in the humbling nature of the work, and the privilege of working with such a dedicated and compassionate team of volunteers to support such inspirational and resilient service users.  It is also wonderful to be able to draw on the passion, experience and expertise of colleagues.