Spirasi Meet The Team

Eileen Cartin - Psychotherapist


Short Bio

My name is Eileen Cartin and I come from Derry, but I have spent most of my life in Dublin. I have been working as a Psychotherapist in Spirasi since 2007.



Fun or Additional Fact

I am a member of the Congregation of Marie Auxiliatrice. We are an international congregation founded in France at the time of the industrial revolution to support young girls and the marginalised in society.


What attracted you to your role at Spirasi?

I was attracted by the international aspect as well as the multidisciplinary approach to those who attend the centre.


What are the challenges and rewards of your job?

Working with the use of interpreters in the Therapy process can be very challenging at times. It can be wonderful to witness an asylum seeker having the courage to speak in English for the first time having used an interpreter up until that point. Sharing the joy when an asylum seeker tells me that they have just got their refugee status in Ireland.