Spirasi Meet The Team

Jonathan McGlinn - Teacher


Short Bio

My name is Jonathan Mc Glinn, I am an Irish, Dublin, man,born and bred, though my mother is Finnish. My degree is in Philosophy, and I am an avid reader and have a general overall interest in many things: History, Politics, Culture, Drama, Literature, and Music. I am also a professional musician and composer/songwriter, I started writing and composing at about thirteen.

My experience in English, however, is my principle one: I have been teaching since I returned from travelling after I left University, my first post was with an Executive English school in Paris, at Le Marais, in 2000. Prior to that I had travelled the middle East for two years alone with my guitar. I have travelled quite a bit. I have always loved teaching. I returned to Ireland in summer 2001, and moved from Emerald Language school to Kenilworth, a small burgeoning private school. I taught there until 2016, meeting people from around the globe, specialising in IELTs, yet I have taught extensively at all levels, also acted as Assistant DOS and DOS at times. Organising courses at all levels.

I had my first experience with Spirasi in 2007, covering for an absentee. The role remained with me for many years, and I jumped at the opportunity to rejoin in 2016. Kenilworth had sold off, and the timing was just right, as Emer, the former teacher in my role, had moved to University work. I have been giving my all in my classes since, mainly at Fetac Level 3, a vital entry point to get students on the road to progress.


Fun Fact

I speak more French, German, Italian, Gaelic, and Spanish, than I do Finnish!


What attracted you to your role at Spirasi?

Having worked in Africa and India, I felt that a role facilitating groups of asylumAs I mentioned above I first had the opportunity to work with Spirasi in 2007 and the experience never left me. There is an enormous challenge, naturally, but also a sense of fulfilment, in helping people who have been through so much. My skills in a classroom, my decades of experience, could not be utilised anywhere which gives me a greater sense that I am helping those who really need that help; sharing my accumulated skills in an empathetic, inclusive, stimulating environment. The students are kind, engaged, and thankful. They are motivated to learn, and though there are many obstacles, the class allows them order, and, I believe, the opportunity to feel they are becoming a part of a greater whole, a beginning step to enter a new society.


What are the challenges and rewards of your job?

Dealing with the clients within Spirasi is unique and unlike many English teaching environments; one must always consider the reality of the students while balancing a fun, comfortable, inclusive, educational, non offensive space. At level 3 we have a large number of students, they enjoy the community, the banter, and company. Most of all they love the sense of learning.

At present, with assessments, and an entire course to complete, working through Covid, and online, has added many challenges to an already challenging situation. However, after some teething, we are now flyin, Zoom has become our classroom, and the students are doing great work.

The reward in such a role is more vocational, it is in the helping, aiding, and facilitating itself. It is a very special role, and an honour to help these wonderful people move on with their lives.