Spirasi Meet The Team

Mary Dolan - Rehabilitation Administrator


Short Bio

Hi, my name is Mary Dolan and I work as Rehabilitation Administrator for Spirasi. I was born in Dublin’s city centre in the mid 1950’s, just a stone’s throw from Merrion Square and worked for a multinational corporation in the fire protection industry for 36 years, taking on many roles while climbing the corporate ladder. As a mature student I undertook a modular BA with a focus on the Pastoral & Professional life of individuals. I studied in All Hallows Collage and in 2015 was awarded a BA (Hons). Outside of work I am involved in my Parish within the inner city. I have been a Sunday school teacher for 23 years, working with many children in the parish. I worked for many years within the area of Adult Faith Development and travelled with the Ember Mission Team throughout the 26 counties. I’m also Chairperson of the City Quay national school board of management.

I love to travel and my family jokingly say I’d leave Ireland “on a postage stamp” – I have been fortunate to travel for many years particularly in the USA. Sorry to say, I’m not a great outdoors person these days, having been part of the Polio epidemic which hit Ireland in the 1950’s and while the spirit is willing, the body often protests!!



Fun Fact

I’ve a fairly good singing voice and gigged in Dublin in the 1980’s with a traditional ballad group called Garryowen [A time in Dublin when people smoked in pubs]. I also sang with Harold’s Cross Musical Society for a few years.

I was a Beaver Leader with 29th Blackrock Scouts for about 15 years [Boys age 6-8], I enjoyed camping, hiking was involved with the Scout Gang Shows in St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra, for a number of years.


What attracted you to your role at Spirasi?

I had heard through friends about Spirasi’s work and when I finished my degree over 6 years ago, I volunteered for 6 months. Through my everyday experience of working with my colleagues, I decided not to go back into the corporate world and instead, applied for the role I currently hold where each day I learn something new, I’m very conscious of the pastoral element of human contact, the kind word, the joy of connecting with others.


What are the challenges and rewards of your job?

In dealing with the various clients we have engaged with, I read about man’s inhumanity to man on a daily basis. However, the reward is to support a client to move into a more positive space in their life, whether it be through taking that first step with an appointment, or just asking how they are doing and really listening. Another challenge is the high proportion of clients who have little or no English. I cannot assume they are literate in their native language.