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Spirasi’s message to clients


Spirasi, the National Centre for the Rehabilitation of Survivors of Torture, was founded in 1999 by the Spiritans.


Over the past number of weeks, terrible reports of child abuse and cover-ups at Spiritan schools and institutions in Ireland and overseas have been reported in the media. As an organisation, whose mission is to support rehabilitation for survivors of torture and their families, Spirasi condemns the abuse and cover-ups, stands in solidarity with the victims of abuse, and their calls for justice in all its forms.


Since these reports first emerged, Spirasi has conducted an urgent internal review and is satisfied, to date, that none of the individuals, living or dead, who have been accused of abuse, have ever worked or volunteered with the organisation, Spirasi. As part of this internal review, we are examining organisational structures and processes. We will keep you informed and may seek your input.


We wish to assure all our clients and students that we have your safety, wellbeing and dignity at the centre of everything we do. We wish to offer you our support if any of this information, or what might be reported in the media, causes you distress.


If you have any concerns or questions about this information, please contact us at 01-838 9664 or info @ spirasi.ie. If you are linked with a staff member, feel free to reach out to them. If you need an interpreter please let us know.


Thank you