The breadth of Spirasi’s work is greatly enhanced by its dedicated team of volunteers.  Our volunteers work across all areas of our service – medical, therapy, teaching, psychosocial, administration and finance.  Our Befriending Programme is another way of volunteering with us.  

Please Note :Spirasi is not taking on any Volunteers at this moment in time. Please check back later. 

The Role of a Volunteer

  • Provide support in your chosen area of our service (as appropriate) 
  • A specific commitment of time is agreed between the volunteer and Spirasi   
  • All volunteers are trained, Garda vetted and supported by the Befriending Officer 

Volunteer Testimonials

Tom Larkin – Psychotherapist

After I retired from full time work, I wanted to employ the skills I had acquired and developed as a psychotherapist in the service of people from the developing world. I wasn’t in a position to go abroad and Spirasi offered me the possibility of doing that here in Ireland. I have learned so much from survivors of torture from Asian and African countries particularly about resilience in the face of often horrific experiences of intolerance and cruelty. I have also learned from their courage and determination to create a new life in the sometimes adverse situations in which they find themselves in Ireland. In addition, meeting and working with a welcoming, committed multicultural staff has expanded my perspectives on Irish and international issues.

Sister Pauline Hannon IJS – Front Office Administrator

I was drawn to Spirasi through a wonderfully inspiring information day, which sparked a deep desire to be part of such a unique centre, which cares for those who have been tortured in their homeland, hence finding it necessary to leave their country. It is my privilege to welcome people at reception, offer hospitality etc., where there is a wonderful spirit of care, compassion and help, and this is what continues to inspire me and why Spirasi is so unique and worthwhile.

Intesar Dawod – Teacher

Starting with my own personal experience as an English teacher in Iraq, which led me to volunteer in Spirasi with non English speaking adults. My main goal was the pleasure to teach English to adults who have been through numerous obstacles in their countries and yet they are enthusiastic and determined to be there and learn English.

I believe starting from scratch is not an easy action.  Spirasi gives big hopes and confidence to people who come from difficult backgrounds. On my behalf , I had a great influence on my students.  I made them feel confident, proud of themselves and their accomplishments. I helped them to feel secure enough that they were  willing to learn a new language and acknowledge daily activities .I improved my interpersonal and communication  skills through working in Spirasi. Furthermore, working with these people gave me the opportunity to expand my horizons in multicultural matters. In addition , I am proud to be a member of Spirasi , a centre for care and survivors of torture.BECOME A VOLUNTEER