Who We Are - Large

Iranian Female 27 (1 year in class)
Through the classes, I am able to do voluntary work, build relationships and integrate into the Irish society. The classes also taught me life skills. Spirasi is like a second home for me. When I don’t go to the classes and stay at home I am very bored and it is not good for my health.

Iraqi female 25 (1 year in class)
I started the classes as an introduction to the Irish education and study system. We don’t only do grammar and vocabulary, we also do history and I mean we talk about the Irish culture and system. That is so helpful. The classes introduced the Irish system and culture to me. Spirasi is a door between your country and Ireland.

Sudanese Male 38 (1 year in class)
I could already speak English but I was not able to fill out a form. Now I can do that. When I receive a letter I can now read it by myself and understand what it says. That makes me feel safe. I feel like I am in society now.

Guinean Female 25 (1.5 years in class)
If you make a mistake people here don’t laugh at you. I was afraid to speak English and to make mistakes, but Spirasi is really supportive. I found friends in Spirasi and I like coming here. This helped me with my self esteem. The teacher is great because he listens to the students and if you don’t understand a question he gives you a chance to improve.

DRC Male 38 (3 years in class)
When I came here my life was broken, there was no hope.  I was thinking too much and really stressed. When I came to Spirasi I met my therapist and she mentioned that I can start the English classes. To come out three days a week made me feel very good in my mind because you know you have to wake up early and travel to Dublin. I feel my stress reducing bit by bit. Since I am coming to the Spirasi classes I am open and happy.

Ukrainian Male 43 (4 years in class)
It is very useful to be in this class because I can improve myself and the atmosphere in Spirasi is very positive and great to be around. The teachers in the classes are very high level. They explain even the smallest thing and always remembers what we want and need. It would be more difficult to integrate into society without Spirasi. The good atmosphere cures your mind.

Ethiopian Male 22 (1 year in class)
Now I can explain my needs to people and can tell them what my problem is. Daily situations, like asking for directions, have become so easy. My teacher is like a brother. If I don’t know how to deal with situations I can always ask my teacher, for example when I receive a letter from the government.

Ghanaian Female (1 month in class)
I started here last month and the classes helped me so much already. In my country, I only went to school for a little bit. Now I really enjoy school here. I feel so happy. The classes help me to feel home.

Pakistani Male 32 (2 months in class)
The structure is important for me, to have a regular routine in my week. I don’t want to miss a day. When I am at home too many things come to my mind. When I am here I can think about other things and my mind can relax. When I come here I speak to my friends and I feel happy.