Our specialist doctors provide independent evidence of torture for those seeking international protection in Ireland.

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A medico legal report (MLR) is an important legal document which is used to support a torture survivor’s asylum claim. It is requested by the torture survivor’s legal representative. Our doctors provide expert opinion on the probable relationship between the physical and psychological findings to torture/ill treatment. The MLR uses international legal standards set out in the Istanbul Protocol.


How does Spirasi produce reports

Medico legal assessments are carried out in our Dublin centre, and at a HSE facility in Cork. Our expert doctors will ask the person for a full history of their background, health, ill treatment and current situation. The doctor will examine scars and injury caused by torture. They will document any scarring by taking photographs. The doctor will also document evidence of psychological injury caused by torture. After the evaluation the doctor will write the report to communicate their medical findings and interpretations for the IPO and IPAT.

An interpreter will be provided for people who do not speak fluent English. The assessment will take approx. 2-3 hours. A person may request a male or female only doctor and interpreter.

Reports are sent for independent legal review and medical review and are released within 4-6 weeks following assessment.

IPAT guidelines.
MLR Guidance Note