Who We Are - Large

Spirasi is the National Centre for Survivors of Torture in Ireland.

The rehabilitative services offered by Spirasi are unique in Ireland and consist of the following:
• Multidisciplinary (medical, therapeutic and psychosocial) Initial Assessment (IA) for both victims of torture and those who have suffered cruel and inhuman or degrading treatment;
• Ongoing therapeutic interventions for victims of torture which includes individual, group and family therapies;
• Both in-house and outreach psychosocial supports;
Medical Legal Reports (MLRs) for the protection process;
English language classes for victims of torture and their families that complement the rehabilitative work.

Location of Services

Spirasi’s main office is located at 213 North Circular Road, Dublin 7.

Outreach psychosocial services are provided on a weekly basis in Balseskin, the main Reception Centre for the Irish State on a weekly basis. Similar services are provided on a weekly basis in Mosney, the largest Accommodation Centre for asylum seekers in the State.

Who do we see?

This is outlined in our Remit Policy which is summarised below:

  1. Spirasi’ s remit policy means that we will admit a person to the process for the preparation of a Medico Legal Report if he/she falls within one or two of the following categories:
  2. It appears that the person has been a victim of torture as defined by the UN Convention of Torture Article 1
  3. It appears that the individual has been a victim of inhuman or degrading treatment within the meaning of Article 15 (b) of the Qualification Directive (Council Directive 2004/83/EC)
  4. We will admit a person for Initial Assessment if he/she falls within category 1 above i.e. it appears that the person has been a victim of torture as defined by the UN Convention of Torture Article 1(1).
  5. As part of our outreach work we will provide psychosocial support, short term psychotherapeutic inventions and external referral for/to traumatised asylum seekers and refugees. Victims of torture will be identified and internally referred for an initial assessment at Spirasi.

Vision, Mission & Values of Spirasi

Supporting Victims of Torture to rebuild their lives in Ireland.

Through our models of care, training programmes and alliances, Spirasi leads in rehabilitating Asylum Seekers and Refugees who are victims of torture.


Holistic approach to rehabilitation As a way of acknowledging the complexity of the human person.

Integrity In personal and professional dealings.

Justice, Equality, Compassion In access to services, in working relationships, with our clients.

Respect For the dignity and uniqueness of individuals and the diversity of their cultures.

Solidarity With disadvantaged people given practical expression through our work.