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Strategic Plan

Our 2022 – 2025 Strategic Plan.

Key Strategic Objectives

In the Strategic Plan there are the following eight clear objectives:

  1. Expand service provision to increase access and reduce waiting times for survivors of torture across Ireland;
  2. Increase numbers of clients enrolled in education courses;
  3. Develop and implement an outcome measurement tool;
  4. Redesign our process for gathering ongoing client feedback;
  5. Design, develop and implement an adaptable, blended training course on trauma-informed care for workers and professionals in the health and social care, education and training, and justice and legal sectors;
  6. Create an advocacy strategy focussed on issues that affect our clients;
  7. Develop a three-year fundraising plan to diversify our funding sources and increase capacity of the organisation to meet current and increased demand for our services;
  8. Improve staff engagement and wellbeing within the organisation;