Spirasi offers a number of therapeutic services as part of our rehabilitation programme.

Clients who attend Spirasi’s services often suffer from the effects of interpersonal trauma. Spirasi’s specialised therapy programme follows a phase-model approach to treatment where the focus is always on safety, empowerment and choice.


Phase 1: Safety Building

  • After attending an Initial Assessment, clients are offered a place in one of Spirasi Induction Sessions.
  • The Induction Session provides psychoeducation to clients about trauma and the impact on the body and mind.
  • During this session, clients learn about Spirasi’s therapy programmes and is empowered in making a choice about what treatment is best for them and their circumstances.

The range of therapies currently available in Spirasi include:

  • Group Therapy
    Allows exploration of strength and resiliency in a group setting.
    Helps build trust and form bonds.
    Teaches practical stress reduction techniques.
  • Individual Therapy
    A place to talk about feelings one on one with a therapist.
    This helps to process the events of the past or hopes/fears for the future.
  • Family Therapy
    Involves family members or close acquaintances in the therapy process.
    Allows for the processing of trauma through individual’s network of support


Phase 2: Trauma Processing

  • Clients can engage in Individual or Family Therapy when they feel they feel resourced and are ready to start processing the trauma.
  • Interpreters can used if needed
  • Fortnightly appointments
  • It is a talk therapy
  • Trauma processing is client-led
  • Paced to suit the needs and ability of client at the time


Spirasi’s Recommended Therapy Model:


Step 1: Initial Assessment

Step 2: Induction: Psychoeducation

Step 3: Choice of Stress Management Group

Step 4: Individual Therapy/ Family Therapy


Why Groups?

  • Groups work in Spirasi is used to help rebuild a sense of safety and provide practical stress management techniques to aid sleep, anxiety and somatic pain.
  • It is about giving the client resources and building resilience.
  • Group work in Spirasi helps prepare the client for engaging in trauma-processing work with an individual therapist.


Which  Groups?

  • Spirasi offers lots of different groups to suit people’s needs.
  • Some groups require an understanding of English, some do not.
  • Some groups focus of the body.
  • Some groups focus on talking.
  • Some groups focus on symbolising.
  • Groups are run throughout the week.
  • Groups are available in Dublin and in Limerick